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50 years!
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Key Facts

Registration system for copyright
There is no registration system for obtaining copyright protection for a work in Macau. Author of a work enjoys copyright upon completion of the work.

Legal definition of copyright
According to the Macau's Copyright and related rights Code, copyrights can be referred as “personal rights” and “economic rights” subsisting in a completed work, wherein the “personal rights” relate the author’s ownership while the “economic rights” include the author’s right to exploit the work for economic gain.

Coverage of copyright protection
Any works which are the product of human creativity, such as literary works, artistic works, movies, musical works, dramatic works, computer software, photography, sculpture, ceramic pieces, architecture and etc.

Protection term
Generally, copyright lasts the lifetime of an author plus 50 year. For a work of joint authorship, the copyright lasts from the date it was acquired until 50 years after the deaths of all the creators.

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Copyright is an automatic right that exists upon the creation of the work by an author. Registration is not necessary to obtain such right. Hence, it is advisable for a copyright holder to keep records of creating process of the work as it will be helpful to the enforcement in Macau.

The following kind of works are not eligible for copyright protection in Macau: idea, program, organization, operating method, rule, concept, principle, discovery, not written or recorded work, work which is not written by original author, information for public use, daily news, article which only reports incidents, speech given in a form of discussion for the benefit of the community, political speeches, official pieces, laws and regulations and their translations.

Yes, according to the Macau's Copyright and related rights Code, works of authors from countries which have reciprocal attachment with Macau, or works first published in Macau are also entitled to copyright protection in Macau.
Moreover, as Macau is a signatory to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the World Intellectual Property Organization Convention (WIPO) as well as a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and signatory of Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) agreement, works which are created or first published in Macau are also protected in most countries and territories in the world.